Self Massager For Home Management – Theragun

We are happy to introduce a new product that we are using in the clinic and also have available for patients to purchase if they wish. Theragun has four models with varying options to help you release tight muscle and move better with less pain. Check out our video and contact us if you have questions.

Hi, this is Dana Ranahan from Body Works Sports Physiotherapy. And today I’m excited to show you a product that we’re using in the clinic now. And we’re also selling to clients who might need a home tool to help them manage their pain or tightness. The product is called Theragun, and there’s various models that come into play.

This is a Theragun Pro and this is what we’re using in the clinic. And it has different heads that you can attach and you can see that it does move in and out. Now when we turn it on it’s like a percussive therapy. This one is going at a fairly high speed and you can use it into tight muscles. And see how it deforms the tissue and gives a really deep tissue massage to the different tissues.

Now this is great for helping to restore mobility in the tissue and helping to settle pain. There are different setting that you can use on this as well. Some higher some lower. This is at a lower setting now so it’s a softer speed, let’s say, and more tolerable sometimes for people.

So there’s different settings that you can use with different attachments, to meet the needs that you have may have. Now these are great tools for home, there are different ranges in the products, sort of from less to more features. This one has an adjustable head that you can move around for touching various body parts.

These are great for helping you manage pain. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact our clinic or check out our website for more information at Have a great day.