Small Ball Pressure Point Release – How to Choose the Right Ball?

This is Dana Ranahan with Body Works Sports Physiotherapy in North Vancouver. I’m here today to talk about pressure point balls or trigger point balls that we can use to release tension in our body. We’ll be giving you some other tips through other videos on specific pressure point, but as a starter, I’d like to talk about what type of ball do I use and how does this technique work?

So here you can see a different variety of balls that we have in the clinic here that we use with patients to do some pressure point work. Basically when you take a ball you can use it as something to help give pressure into a muscle, thereby helping the muscle relax.

Now there’s different types of balls where you can go from getting something cheap, like this little doggie chew ball – basically it’s quite pliable and moves when I squish it; to a spiky ball which some people prefer because it gives more little knobbies into the muscle – as long as the spikes aren’t too big; to harder balls that are more like a lacrosse ball – and these are accurately acupressure balls that we can use to give pressure; and most recently they’ve come up with a ball that’s got a little bit more give to it, there are a couple different tensions and it’s tacky so it doesn’t slide – when you put it on something it doesn’t slide on the surface, so it sticks to the wall or floor better when you’re using it. And basically, we use some of these different balls to help create pressure release.

We’re going to be showing you in a series of videos that will show you how to release some tightness in your hip and back and various other areas. Check in with our website at for more information. We look forward to helping you find the techniques that work best for you to get your body working.