Theragun – Self Massagers by Therabody

Our trained Physiotherapists at Body Works Sports Physiotherapy use a variety of techniques to help you move better and feel better, including Manual therapy, IMS, acupuncture, soft tissue release, and exercise.  There are times where people have chronic underlying conditions that require self maintenance.  We use one of these in the clinic to help people release where things are too tight and sometimes when people are not able to tolerate other techniques.

Because many clients have found these devices to be very helpful, we have decided to sell these product to patients who may need a tool to allow them to self manage better at home.

There are four levels of product available to you if you were interested in this item:

Theragun PRO

Theragun Elite

Theragum Prime

Theragun Mini

For general information on this line of products, please check out the website at Theragun or contact us directly and we would be happy to answer your questions about theragun or allow you to try out the product in person at our Clinic.