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Running for Personal Best

running for personal best Body Works Sports Physiotherapy

A young runner striving for personal best and having fun! Taken while participating at a youth triathlon.

Many of the runners that we work with at Body Works are running for enjoyment and to achieve their personal best, but may have been sidelined by a nagging hamstring or achilles injury.

When you are injured and unable to run, or train as you wish to achieve your goal, it can be a very frustrating and painful experience. Running is like a natural high. Most runners love to run, and often live to run at times.  We want to help you achieve your running goals and ultimately, achieve your personal best.

To help you achieve your running goals, we will use a combination of our treatment methods, such as Manual Therapy, IMS, and Exercise personalized to your individual needs.  Through our detailed assessment and treatment program, will help get you back to running as quickly and efficiently as possible and without pain.

As part of your rehabilitation process, we may also look at your running style and technique.  If appropriate, we can teach you to learn to breathe better and use your core muscles more effectively while running to enhance your movement patterns and overall oxygenation, which leads to better overall efficiency and endurance.

We aim to help you return to that fluid feeling of running strong and feeling good.

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