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Saja Edwards

Saja Edwards, Physiotherapist

Physiotherapist Masters of Physical Therapy (MPT) and Bachelors of Kinesiology(BKin)


Saja Edwards grew up in Nelson, BC, where she developed a strong appreciation for the outdoors and the importance of living an active lifestyle. During her youth, she was active in soccer, skiing, and biking, and she has since developed a love for trail running. Her interest in sports and healthcare as well as her personal experiences with injury drew her to the physiotherapy profession.

Physiotherapy Training

Saja graduated from the University of British Columbia with a Masters of Physiotherapy degree following completion of her Bachelor of Kinesiology degree at UBC. Saja has also completed Anatomical Neuropathic IMS (Intramuscular Stimulation) training and is happy to provide this additional service to her clients.

Saja lived in Squamish, BC, prior to completing her physiotherapy training where she worked closely with the cycling community, further developing her love and interest in both road and mountain biking.

Physiotherapy Approach to Treatment

As a Physiotherapist, Saja is passionate about getting to the root of your problem and helping you move better and feel better! She listens intently to you to enable her to understand the history of your injury. She will then do a full physical assessment to help you understand your injury and what the recovery process will require.

To help you realize your goals and recover from your injury, Saja will utilize an individualized approach to care for each person. She will use her hands-on treatment skills including manual therapy and soft tissue techniques to help your body move better. She will also incorporate therapeutic exercise at the clinic and for home, as well as functional progressions of these exercises to help you return to the activities or sports you love without pain. Saja will also use IMS as needed to help release tight muscles and to help you move better and recover faster.   Finally, Saja will provide a wealth of information about your injury to help you fully understand your injury and what it takes to get better. She believes in treating the whole person, with the objective of making clients stronger than before their injury and adapting the treatments to fit patients’ goals and lifestyle.

Saja is passionate about constantly expanding her knowledge base through post-graduate courses, continuing education, and mentorship. She has completed the Orthopaedic Division Level 1 and the McKenzie Approach, and continues to take courses and engage in mentorship to further expand her clinical skillset. Saja plans to continue pursuing her manual therapy training through the Orthopaedic Division of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association and has interests in Connect Therapy and the Thoracic Ring approach.


Outside of work, Saja enjoys being outside participating in a variety of sports and activities including skiing, cycling, and trail running.

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Saja Edwards

Saja Edwards hiking

Saja Edwards hiking