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Winter Injuries

One of the most common things that we see when we have a big snowfall, is that people kind of go out and just go for it and shovel. They clear their sidewalk or driveway or whatever, and it can definitely overload your back, especially because it's something that we don't do that often in the Vancouver area.

With all the snow and slippery conditions that we've had the last few weeks, we are seeing a lot more injuries related to those conditions.

Ski Training Tips

Listen in for tips on getting ready for ski season - we will be posting a series of videos to help you get strong and ready for ski season.

So even though it’s nice sunny weather here and a late fall, we want to talk about what you need to do to get strong for skiing and snowboarding this year.  Our next step that we’re get you working on is some balance work and the ability to transfer weight so you can carve when you’re on the slopes.

Do you ski? Do you like to carve the mountain at high speeds? We hope you avoid injury and have fun! If you do get injured, you should know about skiers' thumb - a ligament sprain or tear that can occur to your thumb while skiing. Listen in for details. Ski safely!

Ready to Ski?

Now is the time to start training to have a safe and fun season.

Ski Fitness - Tip# 1 - Wall Sits To Avoid Pain

Avoid pain on the slopes!! Start now! Here is a beginning tip to help you avoid pain on the slopes, and be strong enough to carve things up with style.

Ski Fitness - Tip# 2 - Hip Abductor Control

This video shows you how to strengthen your hip abductor muscles. Strengthening hip abductor muscles can help improve your skiing, lead to better edging, and help prevent knee pain or injuries to the knee.

Ski Training Tips - Ski Fitness Tip #3 Ball Squats

Get strong and build endurance in preparation for ski season! Try out ski tips video # 3 exercise ball squats. A good way to avoid knee injuries and pain from skiing!

This video shows you three different ways to work your oblique muscles, while breathing and maintaining you core strength and neutral spine. Very helpful to keep you health on the slopes and avoid back pain and hip pain and pain in general!!

Ski Fitness #5 - Lateral Wall Squats with Ball

Leaning sideways into the balls mimics the feeling of carving a turn and makes your glut muscles work hard to control your position. this will help you get stronger and control your turns better.

Ski Fitness Tip #6

With snow on the local mountains this week, ski season is only weeks away. Get ready to ski, injury free with this latest in a series of ski training videos.

Hi, this is Jamie from Body Works and I’m just following up with some of the videos that Taylor has done on ski conditioning. What I want to talk about today is just a little bit of balance training that you can start before you get into the ski season.

Today I want to talk a little bit about dynamic warm up before getting out on the mountain. So with warm ups there are a couple things that are kind of wide spread principles that you want to pay attention to.



Golf Dynamic Warm up Tip #1 - Squats for Opening and Sinking Hips

Dynamic warm-up for golf can improve your game and reduce pain and soreness. Try out dynamic golf warm-up tip #1 - Squats to open the hips and sink back in the socket for better movement pattern, better strength and less pain.

Proper Bike Fitting

Fitting Your Body To Your Bike & Avoiding Injury!

In this video we provide a couple of basic tips for positioning your body on the bike.

Fitting your Body to your Bike and Avoiding Upper Body Injury! Part 2

Fitting your Body to your Bike and Avoiding Upper Body Injury! This video demonstrates how to position your body on your bike, soften your elbows and then take pressure off of your shoulders and neck.

Front View – Bike Fitting your Body! Good Knee Alignment!

In this video, we are looking at how to position your body while riding your bike, with a focus on your alignment of your hip, knee and foot to help you move in better alignment and less pain.

Correct Bike Position

Avoid wrist, arm and back pain by positioning yourself correctly on your bike. Getting your pelvis into the correct position, and using your core to generate power will make you more efficient on the bike and prevent low back pain.

Knee Alignment

Physiotherapist Dana Ranahan shows us how to get proper alignment on the bike, preventing knee and hip pain. Watch and learn how to position yourself properly and improve your power and pedalling efficiency.

Powering Up Hills

Physiotherapist Dana Ranahan shows us how to boost your power when cycling up hills without hurting your back.

Gardening Tips

Gardening - How to turn your body carefully and avoid pain!

Try our simple tips on how to twist safely in the garden!

Gardening - How to Use Your Shovel Safely and Avoid Injury!

Watch our tips on how to protect your body from injury while gardening. Especially shovelling!

Gardening Warm Up

Here is a short video on how to warm-up for gardening to avoid injury and stay pain free! Get out and have fun in the garden!

Avoid Lower Back Pain Gardening

Listen in for some simple tips on how to bend over properly and avoid lower back pain and back injury while gardening.

How To Bend Carefully in the Garden to Avoid Lower Back Pain

Try out our simple tips on bending carefully in the garden, and using a cushion to kneel on to help avoid back and hip pain.

Avoid Neck and Shoulder Pain in the Garden

Try our simple tips to avoid neck pain and shoulder pain in the garden. Have a great time out there this spring!

Lifting Well in The Garden to Avoid Back Pain

Check out our simple tips for lifting in the garden. These tips should help to alleviate back in jury and pain from heavier gardening tasks.