ICBC Physiotherapy Treatment

I had a car accident and I need physiotherapy treatment. What should I do?

Visiting a physiotherapist after a car accident is important step towards your recovery.

To assist you in recovering from a crash, your support and recovery specialist will collaborate with you and your health care practitioner(s).

Get Treatment after ICBC related accident

We’ll analyse your injuries and come up with a treatment plan together.

You can seek therapy with your physiotherapist for the first 12 weeks after your crash, where ICBC approves 25 visits covered by the amount of $84 (From April 1st, 2022). Please book 30 minutes Initial appointment and have your claim number ready.

Your physiotherapist can suggest extended treatments for more serious accidents, such as those involving complex injuries or concussions.

It’s possible that you’ll need more therapy beyond 12 weeks if you’ve been in a car accident.

If your health care provider thinks your treatment plan needs to be extended, they’ll send a treatment plan to your support and recovery expert that details the additional treatment that will be given and how it will help you recover. You can always talk to your support and recovery professional about your treatment and recovery progress.

For more information and other covered services visits ICBC website.