Modified Child Pose Stretch Body Works Physiotherapy

Modified Child Pose Stretch for Shoulder Opening

So we’re going to do a modified child’s pose exercise here to help open the shoulders as you are coming back. So in this position we have you on hands and knees position nodding your chin to elongate your neck keeping your elbows underneath your shoulders and lining your hands up so that your forearms come in line almost as a line through your forearm and the long finger lines up at the shoulders so you have a nice almost square across the forearms. That’s your starting position and then we’re also going to think about maintaining a neutral spine in your back so think about your tail bone being long and now coming back into like a child pose stretching back bringing your hips over your heels so you get some stretching through the arm pits or through the lat muscles as well as in through your upper back and through here. Now it shouldn’t be painful in the shoulders; if you’re getting pain in the top of the shoulders then stop and come out of this position and in this position we’re going to getting you breathing into your armpits trying to create width through the chest and as you breathe out softening the chest and lengthening the tail bone so you’re creating length in the spine. Now in this position you can maintain for a hold for 30 to 60 seconds or you can work with breath. Sometimes people like to give 3 or 4 or 5 breaths in this position and as you’re breathing out you’re sinking a little bit deeper.