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Shoulder Flexion Mobility In Supine For A Stiff Shoulder

Do you have a stiff shoulder? Tight lat muscles? Have you had shoulder surgery and trying to get it moving better? Try our simple shoulder mobility exercise focused on improving shoulder flexion mobility and making it easier to lift your arm hight for day to day needs.

Okay, we’re going to do a little video to work on a shoulder mobility exercise. Now this is great if you have stiffness in your shoulder or postoperatively. So grabbing a little stick and you’re going to garb it between your hands so they’re kind of shoulder width apart and we want to work to raise up overhead as you breathe out, so give it a go, as you breathe out raise up to the limit of motion and not allowing your chest to pop up, breathe in come back down. As you breathe out keeping your chest soft and we want to keep the alignment of the movement nice so that the arms stay in line with the shoulders. Breathe out reaching overhead and not trying to force your movement here. Greg has a stiff right shoulder so here it’s a little harder to push on that right shoulder. What we want is to keep it as symmetrical as possible, and in this case, usually working repetitions of about 10 to 15 and after doing that, then you can maintain at the end of the movement for a passive stretch as long as you’re not having any pain.

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