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Shoulder Mobility and Core Strength Ball Figure 8’s on a Foam Roller

Hi, this is Dana Ranahan of Body Works Sports Physiotherapy and we’re here just today to show you progression on the exercise lying on the foam roller for some core strength and stability using your arms.  In this case, we have Calvin lying on the foam roller with his head supported and his hips supported well and with a little ball between his knees to work on good alignment through his lower body and keep his inner thigh muscles working.  We also have Calvin now holding a ball between his hands so that he can do some little circular exercises through his upper body.  In this case we’ll get Calvin to work on doing some little small circles or figure 8’s where his arms come away from the midline and it works his core muscles to try to help keep his trunk and lower body staying in line and we’ll still get Calvin to work on doing some breathing so that he doesn’t learn to brace through his diaphragm as he does this.  So keeping a rhythmical breath and using his core muscles and adding different directions of movement away from midline challenges his core strength and makes him work harder to stay neutral in this position.  So you would only go away from the midline as much as you can control in the beginning and as it gets easier you can make the amplitude of movement larger.  In this case you would work until you start to feel like you can connect to the movement better and stabilize better through your whole trunk.

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