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Shoulder Mobility and Core Strength – Shoulder Circles Laying on Foam Roller

Hi there, this is Dana Ranahan of Body Works Sports Physiotherapy in North Vancouver and we’re here today to show you a progression on one of our exercises. We’re going to do some arm circles while lying on a foam roller and here we have Calvin lying on a foam roller with his head supported and his hips supported and his knees and feet in good alignment. In this case we’ve used a little ball between his knees to help keep his inner thighs active and so that his feet can stay in good position. So now we’re going to ask Calvin to work on bringing his arms up to a 90 degree position with his hands facing each other, sort of like he’s holding a beach ball and keeping energy through those arms with the arms staying straight.

Now the first exercise that you’ve seen in a previous video is working on coordinating your breath with the arms coming overhead so we’re going to ask Calvin to breath in, as he breathes out soften his chest and bring his arms overhead, and breathe in and come back down to a 90 degree position.

So we’ve already shown Calvin this and worked on this to improve some mobility through his shoulders and now we’re going to progress to adding some shoulder circles. So we’re going to do the same pattern where we think about breathing in, as we breathe out soften our chest a little bit of an engager through our core and the arms coming up overhead and circle around all the way down towards his hip and then breathing in coming back to 90, breathing out, soften his chest, arms come up overhead.

This is a great exercise for improving mobility through the upper back and shoulders while maintaining stability through his trunk and neck. Breathe out, soften the chest, arms come around in a circle, breathing in come back up to 90 degrees and with this we work on repetitions of 15 or 20 repetitions to try to improve mobility and possibly repeating for 2 or 3 sets.

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