Shoulder Stability, Body Works Physiotherapy

Shoulder Stability Mid Trapezius Exercise

We’re going to set up in this position, where you’ve got your tummy on the ball and your neck is long with your chin tucked in maintaining some length and I’m going to bring you up into the thumb up position, hands just above the shoulder. From here, we’re going to work on bringing the arms up towards the ceiling as you breathe out, breathing in lowering down, trying to maintain a good position on the forearm.

Come a little be closer and we can take a close up look at what is happening with the shoulder blades from on top. So as you breathe out we’re going to lift the arms up towards the ceiling and breathe in lower down maintaining that neck position, breathing out, breathing in lowering down and working to fatigue after 4 or 5 repetitions you start to get into trouble controlling your right shoulder blade here, then we take a rest. Good

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