Wall Slides For Shoulder, Body Works Physiotherapy North Vancouver

Wall Slides For Shoulder And Upper Back

Do you have shoulder tightness or neck and upper back pain? Try our simple wall slides exercise to help improve mobility, strength and pain.

Hi, this is Dana Ranahan from Body Works Sports Physiotherapy in North Vancouver. Happy Valentines Day! I’m here today to show you a little exercise to help open up your shoulders and your upper back for the day today. So find a wall and you’re going to come up to the wall and bring your arms by the side, assuming you don’t have shoulder pain here, and I like to bring the knees bent, feet out from the wall so it keeps your back a little more neutral to the wall and you want to work with breath to soften your chest because when you bring your arms here, it makes you feel like you want to pop your chest forward. So the first thing would be to think about breathing out, as you breathe out soften the chest and slide the arms up the wall. So we work this repetitively, of course I’d be looking forward as I’m doing it. Breathing in as you breathe out soften the chest, raise up and breathe in, come back down. So you basically go up and down within the range that you feel comfortable to try to get some opening through your shoulders, opening a little bit through the chest and softening with breath. So that’s a nice exercise called Wall Slides that you can try today to try to open things up. If you have any other questions, check out our website at www.body-works.ca