Are you ready for ski season? Start training now in September for winter! | Body Works Sports Physiotherapy

Are you ready for ski season? Start training now in September for winter!

Listen in for tips on getting ready for ski season – we will be posting a series of videos to help you get strong and ready for ski season.

Hi this is Dana Ranahan from Body Works Sports Physiotherapy in North Vancouver and I want to talk to you today about skiing. Are you a big skier? Are you looking forward to hitting the slopes this year? Well it’s almost the end of September and before we know it, the weather’s going to start to turn a little bit cooler and wet and there’ll be some snow on the local mountains and up at Whistler and I’m sure you’ll all be anxious to hit the slopes. But in order to have a great ski season, it’s really important to prepare your body so you have good strength and endurance to be able to ski the way you want to ski and avoid injury and be able to last a full day on the slopes hopefully. So we have some videos where we’re going to give you some tips over the next number of weeks to try to help you get fit so that you can be. Ready for skiing that means getting your legs stronger and working on some more muscular endurance in your legs so that they can last or about all those bumps and up and down on the ski hill through the day. So check out our website for more information and follow us and we’ll keep posting some new videos for you to try to help keep you on track. We’ll post a new video every week so that you can have a good baseline to get ready out on those ski hills and hit the ski hills really hard. Have a great day.