Spinal Stability Neck and Back, North Vancouver, West Vancouver

Spinal Stability Neck and Back on Foam Roller with Shoulder Mobility

This is Dana Ranahan with Body Works Sports Physiotherapy. Today we’re going to be doing a video on demonstrating some shoulder mobility on the foam roller which is an unstable base so we’ve done a video like this before but this will be a bit more challenging for the spine to work on controlling while we’re trying to more mobility through the shoulders and maintaining neck and spine neutral.

So first off we’re going to look at positioning on the roller here. We have him lying on the roller where his head is supported and his tail bone is supported on the roller maintaining his spine in neutral. Alright we’re going to set up the pup position by taking your toes wide and now opening the heels to try to find a neutral hip position maintaining your knees to foot and then we’re going to bring both arms up to a 90% position, palms facing like your holding a big beach ball keeping the shoulders centred in the socket and now before we move we’re going to work on engaging our breath. So thinking about breathing in laterally through the rib cage, as you breathe out softening your chest, just getting that pattern and figuring out our breath and then we’re going to add a movement where we’re going to think about bringing arms up over head. So breathing in as we breathe out we’re going to soften through our chest to engage our core, reaching arms up, breathing in come back down to 90. Breathing out, soften our chest, keep our neck long, bringing the arms up overhead to work on stretching your lats, breathing in coming back to 90.

We’ll repeat this about 10 or 20 repetitions until we start to feel like we’re getting better mobility through the shoulders and better coordination with our a breath.

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