Spinal Stability the Core in 4 Point Kneeling, North Vancouver, West Vancouver

Spinal Stability the Core in 4 Point Kneeling

An alternate position to work on strengthening your core, activating your core is in hands and knees position. This is a less supportive position than one lying on your back but very important for learning to control the spine against gravity.

In this position I have Holly set up with her hips over her knees and I want her shoulders over top of her hands with her elbows relatively straight and I want to try to think about a straight spine here for Holly as a starting point so helping her try to find neutral and in this position Holly tends to have a little bit of a lift around the bra strap level in the mid part of her back and you can see her chin pokes down towards the floor so my cues to Holly would be to try to soften through her mid back and think on lengthening the neck and just a little through her pony tail, yeah perfect, maintain the chin tuck so we’ve got nice alignment between the hips and shoulders and the spine in neutral.

Now in this position we would cue Holly how to find her core muscles by breathing into the lateral rib cage, getting some expansion laterally towards her elbows and as she breathes out softening that bra strap local and a little lift of the belly button up towards the spine keeping your neck and upper back neutral.

This is a technique that we use to work on trying to find neutral so that your brain can recognize where it is and trying to learn how to get there as well as maintain being there.