Golf Mechanics

Cueing body position for improved biomechanics and more fluid motion.

Many golfers experience lower back or hip pain at some point in their career.  Other common golfing injuries can include golfers elbow or shoulder tendonitis and pain.

The physiotherapists at Body Works Sports Physiotherapy will assess how your body moves to look at where you are stiff and where you are moving too much.

Many golfers are very restricted and stiff in the thoracic spine, or ribcage area of the spine.  This puts additional stress on the lower back and hips.  As a result, this is often one of the main causes of lower back pain and hip pain with golf.

Using the mirror for visual assistance to help change your movement pattern and positioning.

We can help you address the physical limitations in your movement and then take it a step further to look at how your body moves when you are golfing.

We can analyze your swing from a biomechanical perspective, looking at how to position your body, and how you wind up and follow-through and where these movements occur in your body.

It is important to help you learn to move more in the areas that are stiff and also learn to strength areas that are weak.  This will create a more balanced movement pattern and lead to less stress on your muscles and joints.

Taking your improved game back to the golf course!

We work closely with your golf pro to help you integrate certain Movement Retraining principles into your golf game.

We will then aim to fit our movement principles as best as possible in alignment with the technical training provided by your golf pro. This will be aimed to get you back on the course and enjoying your golf game as soon as possible.

For more information, please contact us.

We have also provided talks on dynamic warm-up, core strength and good body mechanics for a better swing.

We were fortunate to sponsor a hole for the Make a Wish Charity Tournament held at Seymour Golf and Country Club.  We also set up tents and treatment tables and volunteered our time to help out the golfers and help them keep their body moving well!  It was a fun day!

We sponsored & volunteered at the 8th Hole at the Seymour Golf and Country Club Make-A-Wish Charity Tournament July 2014.