Return to Sport

One of the biggest and most important questions that our patients and athletes often ask us is ” When can I return to my activity?” or “When can I return to my sport?”.

We all love our sport and hope to return to it as quickly as possible after injury.

To help you achieve your goal, the physiotherapists at Body Works Sports Physiotherapy will use a variety of treatment techniques, such as Manual Therapy, IMS, Acupuncture and Movement Retraining Principles to help you to recover from your injury, regain mobility and strength and learn to move better to enhance your return to sport and limit future injury, as soon as possible.

We will tailor your rehabilitation program to your specific sporting needs and is aimed at getting you back in action as quickly as possible. This may include continuing with a home exercise independently to help you avoid re-injury.

We are also happy to work with coaches or trainers to help expedite your return to sport as quickly as possible.

For more information, please contact us.

“Simply put, Dana’s treatment allowed me to do things like run & ride, long & hard, which years of working with other practitioners failed to accomplish. Who knew that resolving my left IT band issues would be related to postural things like right rib-cage position.

This is the type of esoteric understanding of chronically altered bio-mechanics that Dana offers… no amount of poorly executed clam-shell exercises was ever going to get me there :-)”
– Sean Collings