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Icepacks Are Helpful For Acute Injuries

Do you have an acute injury? Go over on your ankle trail running or playing soccer? slip in the wet leaves? Check out our video on what you can use to help settle things down. What is this you ask? If we pull away, you can see, this almost looks like fish eggs, but it’s […]

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Ankle Strengthening – Inversion with Tubing

So for the next strengthening exercise, we’re going to cross the leg and bring your left leg over your right now, you keep the band between the feet, so now we’re working on the left foot pulling in and the right foot is just holding the band in neutral trying to control it so when […]

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Ankle Strengthening – Eversion Tubing Exercise

So we’re going to do a little strengthening exercise for the ankle with some tubing. You can grab a piece of tubing where it’s about the right width between your ankles and then you’re going to work on pulling one ankle out so in this case we’re pulling the left ankle out to the left […]

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