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Single Leg Bridging Runners Drill – Gluts and Core

O.K. so we’re going to work on a single leg bridge working on alternate legs and this is great for getting back to some running or walking activities; work on breathing in, as you breathe out softening your chest, engage your core, lengthen your tailbone as if to lift your hips up, keeping the ball […]

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Foam Roller for Back Pain

Foam Roller for Back Pain Welcome to Body Works Sports Physiotherapy’s video on using a foam roller to help release back pain. In this video we will demonstrate how to use a foam roller to help release tightness in your lower back which is often very helpful in relieving lower back pain. So we’re here […]

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Pressure Point Release

Pressure Point Release Welcome, here we are at Body Works Sports Physiotherapy and we are going to do a little pressure point technique to help release some tightness in Holly’s back. This is Holly and she plays Field Hockey for Canada and also works here at Body Works and we’re happy to have her on […]

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