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Do You Need Stronger Legs and Hips?

Do you need stronger legs and hips? Do you want to be able to ski or run longer with better endurance, form and less fatigue? Try our simple wall squat with band around the knees to help strengthen the quads and gluts, abs, core. Hi this is Dana Ranahan from Body Works Sports Physiotherapy and […]

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Hip Strengthening and Rebalancing Exercise

Do you have tight hips? Chronic hip pain or soreness? Often there are imbalances in the strength and tightness of the muscles around the hip. Try our simple hip strengthening exercise for balancing the hip – strengthening the internal rotators and opening up the buttock region. This will help you feel better and your hips […]

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Hip Flexor Or Thigh Tightness?

How do I release hip flexor tightness? How do I loosen up my hip flexor? Quads? Learn how to release and stretch to stay pain free with Rick Heyden and try out his tips with foam roller and stretch. Hi this is Rick Heyden, physiotherapist from Body Works Sports Physiotherapy and today I’m going to […]

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