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Do You Have Shoulder Pain?

Do you have shoulder pain? Do you want to strengthen and stabilize your shoulder girdle? Watch our video on how to balance the muscles to control the movement of the shoulder blade which helps the shoulder and rotator to be stronger. Let us know if you need help with a shoulder or upper back issue! […]

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Shoulder Flexion Mobility In Supine For A Stiff Shoulder

Do you have a stiff shoulder? Tight lat muscles? Have you had shoulder surgery and trying to get it moving better? Try our simple shoulder mobility exercise focused on improving shoulder flexion mobility and making it easier to lift your arm hight for day to day needs. Okay, we’re going to do a little video […]

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Shoulder Strengthening With Theraband Laying Down

Do you have shoulder pain? Shoulder Weakness? Listen in for a simple strengthening exercise you can do at home. Hi this is Dana Ranahan from Body Works Sports Physiotherapy in North Vancouver and today I’m here to show you a strengthening exercise that you can work on at home. Do you have shoulder weakness or […]

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