Your First Appointment

Private treatment room at Body Works

One of our private treatment rooms at Body Works Sports Physiotherapy.

When you come to Body Works for your first appointment , we will ask you to fill out a new patient form before your Initial Physiotherapy Assessment begins.  To fill out a form in advance of your visit, please click here to print a copy of our New Patient Information Form. Alternately, we would be pleased to email you a copy of the form, upon request through our Contact Us page.  Otherwise, if you wish to fill out a form when you first arrive, we ask that you come 10 minutes before your appointment time to allow you the time to complete the form before your session begins.  If the receptionist is not available when you arrive, there will be a form waiting for you in the reception area.

At the beginning of your first appointment, we will talk with you about your history, including your injured area or other problem areas.  We will ask questions about how your injury occurred, as well as what your current symptoms are and what makes your symptoms feel better and worse.

We’ll ask about previous injuries, other current or past medical conditions, as well as your daily activities such as work, sports and hobbies in order to determine factors contributing to your problem. We’ll also review any special tests, such as x-rays reports, CT scan reports, or MRI reports, that you’ve had done to see how they may be related to your current symptoms.

Education as part of your first appointment at Body Works Sports Physiotherapy

Education regarding your injuries and the recommended treatment plan. You can expect this as part of your first appointment at Body Works Sports Physiotherapy

We will then complete a physical assessment of your body, including looking at your posture, joints and muscles, as well as a biomechanical exam to determine your patterns of movement and problem areas. Along with your history, this will help us determine the cause of your pain and dysfunction and how to treat it most effectively and efficiently.

We will discuss our findings with you, educate you about the prognosis of your injury.  We will set up a treatment plan, in conjunction with your needs and wishes, that will work for you to help resolve your problem.

If time allows during this first appointment, we will aim to begin some treatment and potentially start you on a home exercise to get you started on your rehabilitation.

Initial Physiotherapy Assessments are 55 minutes or 30 minutes in duration.

We recommend a 55 minute first appointment to allow us time to review all of your information with you and complete a detailed Whole Body Assessment so that we are able to fully determine all components of your injury and what is required to start you on the path to recovery.  However, we also provide 30 minute Initial Physiotherapy Assessments.  These shorter Initial Physiotherapy Assessment sessions are reserved generally for simple or more acute injuries or upon request.  However, if you choose a shorter Initial Physiotherapy Assessment session it may require two shorter sessions to be able to fully complete your assessment and have the time to cover the same information as one longer initial session.  Please schedule a follow-up visit after your initial assessment in the event one is needed to continue your assessment and treatment.

To Schedule your Initial Physiotherapy Assessment, please Contact us or book online.

Sports Acute Injury Consultation

We are pleased to offer acute sports injury assessment consultations.  These shorter sessions are reserved for acute sporting injuries.  An acute injury typically occurs during some sort of sport or activity, such as when you sprain an ankle or twist your knee.  This session will focus on physiotherapy diagnosis and early treatment for an acute injury. We have allotted less time than a regular initial assessment for this in an attempt to allow you to schedule in quickly and get on top of your injury as soon as possible. In our clinical experience, how you manage your acute injury in the early stages of recovery can be a vital component to how well your injury heals.

sprain ankle

Spraining an ankle while running.

To schedule your Sports Acute Injury Consultation, please Contact us or book online.