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Improve Your Ankle Stiffness With Remi

Limited ankle dorsiflexion (pulling your foot upwards) can affect a number of functional and sporting movements in day to day life. One movement that can be affected by a stiff ankle joint is the squat. This can result in compensations in the lower body during the squat movement, e.g. an inwards collapse of the knee (knee valgus), which can eventually lead to knee pain. If you feel pinching at the front of your ankles as you descend in the squat, you likely have a dorsiflexion mobility restriction limiting your squat. Try the exercise shown in the video to improve your ankle mobility and work towards a pain-free squat!

Hey everyone. This is Remi from Body Works. The exercise I was just doing there is a great exercise to help improve your dorsiflexion range of motion. 

So this is especially helpful for those of you who find that you're doing squats, so maybe you go down and you feel a pinching at the front of your ankles. So this is just a great way to help mobilize the ankle to improve that range of motion. 

So grab a TheraBand, something that's stretchy with some resistance. If you're gonna set it up and step into it, just so you stabilize the bands. Then you're going to bring the foot that you'd want some mobilize the ankle up onto the chair and you're going to loop the band below ankle bones. So, this is sort of the key part to the exercise to make sure that you're moving it below the ankle bone, because otherwise you end up doing the opposite of what we're trying to achieve. 

So once you've done that and you stabilize the bands, around the foot, you're just going to mobilize and bring the knee forwards and try and improve this range of motion.