Preventative Functional Sporting Assessments

Preventative Functional Sport Assessments - Body WorksBody Works Sports Physiotherapy is pleased to provide Preventative Functional Sporting Assessments.  These assessments will include an analysis of your posture and body mechanics, as well as any physical restrictions or muscular imbalances that may be present in your body.  It can be specifically tailored to the physical demands of your sport.

Through our detailed assessment process, we can help you to identify weak areas and teach you to address altered mechanics and muscular imbalances that may lead you to injury. This means that we can help you recognize potential problem areas before they become a bigger problem.

Once we have identified areas that you can work on preventatively, we can tailor an exercise program specifically for you at home and at the gym. This exercise program may include teaching you proper warm-up drills and cool downs for your sport.

It may be important to also teach you how to move more efficiently and how to use your inner core muscles to help you stabilize your body better for your sport.  Associated with learning to use your core muscles, we can provide you with Movement Retraining drills to work on independently, which will enable you to move your body more efficiently, and ultimately, enable you to perform better with less risk of injury.

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