How We Work

At Body Works Sports Physiotherapy, “how we work” is to get to the root of your problem through a detailed and thorough assessment process. We aim to get your body moving more effectively and efficiently as quickly as possible. Our goal is to get you back to work, your sport or your favorite activity with better control and strength, without pain.

We provide prolonged one on one detailed assessments which will look at the whole body and how it integrates together.

You may ask why do we look at the whole body?

Any functional task, whether it be sustained postural positions or dynamic activities, such as running, cycling, golfing or soccer, requires integration of all regions of the body. Effectively, the whole body has to work well together to allow us to function and perform well for our favorite activities. This is why it is essential we look at the whole body, not just the area that is in pain or causing you discomfort.

When someone sustains an injury or presents with a painful region of their body, we use our whole body assessment to help us determine how all areas of the body are linking and interacting with each other during the desired activity. There are often other factors in how your body moves that have contributed to the injury occurring. This way, treating the whole body helps you to get to the root of why it happened. If we just treat the painful area, then the problem may be more likely to reoccur.

How We Work - Individual, Dedicated AppointmentsWe provide individualized and personalized attention to detail to ensure that the assessment and treatment we provide is focused on you and aimed at addressing your specific needs and goals. We treat the whole body to help co-ordinate all aspects of your body’s function together and to retrain you how to move better and ultimately alleviate your pain. It is sort of like putting all of the puzzle pieces together to complete the whole picture.

This is a summary of “how we work”. Our clinic experience indicates that this treatment style achieves superior results in your injury recovery and future management. To help us achieve your treatment goals, we use a combination of detailed one on one assessment and personalized treatment, including Manual Therapy, ultrasound, IMS, Acupuncture, Exercise and Movement Retraining. All of these treatment tools will be used to help you learn to move better, feel better and ultimately get your body working and back to doing the things you love. For more information on how we work, please Contact Us.