Common Spring Injuries


We’ve made it through the winter. Warmer weather, chirping birds, and, sadly, injuries are all part of spring. While we urge you to stay active in the spring, it’s also vital to be aware of common spring injuries and take steps to avoid them. So, what are the most prevalent injuries that occur during the spring season? Continue reading to learn more.

Walking and Running

In the spring, you can walk and run much more than in the winter. This is especially true if you prefer to work out outdoors. Take it easy when you first start walking or running outside in the spring. Recognise that your body takes time to acclimate and that you may struggle to adjust to the wind and terrain at first.


You could imagine yourself resting outside while growing your favourite plants and produce when you think of gardening. Gardening, on the other hand, can be tricky and put you at risk of harm, especially if you don’t take necessary safety procedures. This is why: When you dig, rake, or weed, you’re making repetitive actions that might cause back discomfort and posture problems.

Wear protective clothes, gloves, and avoid sitting on your knees to reduce your risk of gardening injuries. Furthermore, don’t be afraid to take a break now and then. There’s no need to “push yourself” and risk injury only to do your gardening activities more quickly. Your health and safety should take first. For more gardening tips and tricks, please Click here.


Once the spring season arrives, you can participate in a range of sports. Spring sports such as golf, baseball, and tennis are common causes of spring injuries. These sports require you to move your shoulders, elbows, and arms repeatedly. Overuse injuries such as wrist fractures, shoulder dislocations, muscle strains, and ankle sprains are possible. Stretch and warm up before games and practises, wear right shoes, use proper technique, and rest your muscles as much as possible to avoid these injuries.

Most spring injuries, fortunately, may be treated conservatively with rest, medicine, and physical therapy.

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