Do You Have Thumb Pain or Stiffness? Thumb Arthritis?

Do you have thumb stiffness and pain? The thumb is an amazing and dextrous joint and can often get over used with day to day activities. If you are having pain or stiffness, you may be starting to undergo arthritic changes in the joint. Please listen in for some simple things you can do to help save your thumbs from further arthritic int and how to strengthen and protect them. Contact us for more information. 604-983-6616.

Do you have thumb stiffness or pain? Do you think you think maybe you have some arthritis happening in your thumbs? So oftentimes, we get people that come into the clinic with pain in their thumb and the thumb is a very mobile joint and allows us lots of function, pinch, grip, it can do all kinds of different movements. And often we get some arthritis changes in the joint of the thumb up here. So there’s three main joints in the thumb. This is the most common where we get arthritis.

So if you’re having some stiffness or pain in this region, or even in the other joints of the thumb, theres’ some things we can do to try to help you change that. One of the big things that you can work on is look at how you load through the thumb. So if you go to do like a pinch grip, basically what we want to see is what does this joint do and a lot of people will end up collapsing their thumb and allowing a lot of stress that comes through this joint. So I want to try to teach people to maintain a C in their grip. So if you’re using your thumb and about to do something, don’t let it collapse. Try to maintain that C circle. The other thing that you can work on is a little sort of massage technique that you can work to try to release some of the tension. There’s a muscle in here that gets quite tight and it can compress the joint a little bit and thirdly, you can do a little pull through the back, pulling the thumb and just giving a little bit of a tractional effect to try to stretch it out and this usually feels quite good.

So if you have thumb stiffness or pain, those are three quick tips that you can try. For more specific exercises, feel free to give us a call or come in for a quick assessment and we can show you some things to work on at home to really help save your thumbs for the future. If you have any other questions give us a call or check out our website at