How to increase jumping and running capacity

Do you wonder how skipping and hopping can increase running & jumping capacity? Our Physiotherapist Steven McGee is here with some tips!

Recent research has shown that skipping can really improve people’s running & jumping capacity as well as their plyometric abilities. Plyometric training is a quick, powerful movement which involves a system of reactive exercises.

Combining skipping, hopping, and jumping with running can increase your calf, foot, quad and gluteal strength. This easy exercise can also improve your core stability.

  • Keep your knees relatively straight as opposed to letting them go too far forward. We don’t want to put a lot pressure on your knees.
  • Bounce on the balls of your feet, keeping the motion light and soft.
  • Even just five minutes of this 2-4 times a week, for a couple of weeks can really help you build your stamina.

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