Pressure Point Release for Back Tightness

Welcome, here we are at Body Works Sports Physiotherapy to to demonstrate a pressure point release for back tightness.

This is Holly and she plays Field Hockey for Canada and also works here at Body Works. We’re happy to have her on our team and demoing today.

  • Take the ball and put it behind your back
  • Bring your feet away from the wall a little bit so that it gives you some space between your hips to drop down
  • Rolling up and down the wall with the ball basically along the spine.
  • In this case we’re using a double ball, so there are two balls with a little space between them. This allows a release on both sides of the spine.
  • We can also move it up a little bit higher and put it up in between your shoulder blades. This is a really common tight place for a lot of people
  • Think about keeping your neck long as you’re doing this and rolling up and down in between the shoulder blades.

This just helps to create some mobility and release for back tightness. It also helps with breathing, so this is a good move for people who sit a lot at work, have postural issues, and even for sport.

If you have any questions give us a call at 604-983-6616