Do You Have Foot Pain? Metatarsalgia?

Do you have foot pain?  Metarsalgia?  Watch now for information on how this happened and what you can do you feel better and move better without pain!

Hi this is Dana Ranahan from Body Works Sports Physiotherapy in North Vancouver, and I’m here today to talk about foot pain. Do you have foot pain? Because it is very common and I have a model here of the foot to give you an idea of the different types of foot pain that are out there; but predominately today I want to talk about metatarsalgia. It’s kind of a long word but it’s basically pain in the bottom of your foot, more on the ball of your foot.

So these are the metatarsal bones in the foot that help to take weight and to help push forward your weight when you walk and when we look at our real foot, it would be equivalent to being here. So sometimes people will get pain underneath the foot and when they weight bear there’s quite a bit of pain on the ball of the foot and sometimes they get numbness down into the base of the second and third toe, and what happens is that these two metatarsal bones end up dropping down and putting more pressure down and taking more of the weight. This is where they get painful.

You can see that the first metatarsal, or the big toe, is a much bigger bone and it is designed to take weight, but if it’s taking the weight then the weight is distributed between these two and can lead to pain. So one of the things we work on with this is changing the mechanics of your foot, trying to teach you how to load better through your foot and push off better and sometimes looking up the chain to ensure that your core is strong and your hips are strong to keep your foot mechanics good.

So if you’re having any pain in the sole of the foot and you haven’t been able to resolve it, give us a call and we can help to figure out what you need to do or check out our website for more information at