Calf Strengthening with the Soleus Calf Raise


Have you had Achilles injury or pain?  Do you push off well when you walk or run?

Young or old, calf and achilles injuries are a common site at Body Works and can unfortunately be a disabling injury, leaving people out of their sport or exercise for prolonged periods. You likely need calf strengthening!

Body Works Physiotherapist Steven McGee demonstrates an often missed exercise in calf injury prevention – THE SOLEUS CALF RAISE!

The soleus is a broad flat muscle sitting at the back of our calf underneath the more frequently injured gastrocnemius muscle. While soleus injuries are less common, we know that the soleus produces A LOT of force during walking and running, more so than the gastrocnemius produces.  When you consider that the ankle produces more force than the hip and knee during walking and running, it means that the soleus is one of the hardest working muscles in our body during walking and running!  So why not train up the hardest worker!

This should help you be much stronger, more efficient with walking or running and less prone to achilles injury or achilles rupture!

🫵 If you’re having issues with calf strains, tears, achilles tendinopathy or shin splints, make sure to book an appointment with one of our physiotherapists to assess your individual injury history and needs and get you working on an individualized rehab program of calf strengthening or other associated exercises designed specifically for you.

For more information please Contact us and we would be happy to help.